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Postnatural Botany

Through the discoveries of modern biology, humans are experiencing a new kinship with other organisms as we learn more about common biological processes and origins of life on earth.

“Postnatural Botany” is a game that relies on observation, communication, listening, and interpretation; tools that we can all use to examine the potential impact of this kinship.



Fallacy Bingo

Do you have a hard time identifying when a belief system is built on fallacious constructs? We do too! In order to help us understand the impact of fallacies on our thinking, we made a game- Fallacy Bingo.

Fallacy Bingo is not only a game, it’s a taxonomy for identifying fallacies, i.e. getting past the bullshit.



Ideation to Actuality

From Ideation to Actuality: Identifying Connections Between Creative Professionals and Scientists” is a research study conducted over the span of three years.

We explored three ideas with a group of artists and scientists: communication, collaboration, and idea development. This study looks at best practices, similarities, and differences. Survey participants shared creative/intellectual processes, sources of inspiration, and advice.

The results of this study are available via the SciArt Initiative. Please contact us if you have questions regarding the report.


 In development

Ethics in a Box

A five-piece kit which will make ethics easier for a broader audience.

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