Bringing together ART + ETHICS to stimulate a nuanced conversation about the future of biotechnology


CoLabFutures aims to open up deliberation on biotechnology in a nuanced and thoughtful way.

Biotechnology discussions are characterized by polarizing viewpoints. Debates instead of dialogues, with the goal to convince rather than understand each other. We can do differently, we can do better - and we should. 

Don't assume that someone is afraid, angry, arrogant, or lacks the knowledge when they disagree with you. But consider their argument, and yours. 

Ethics is not (only) about waving red flags or setting boundaries, it is about constructive argumentation. What do we want, and why? What is important to us? 

Understanding your own argument, and knowing why you as an individual prefer that type of argument - is empowering. 

CoLabFutures is about empowering. We built upon classical and contemporary ethical theories but aim to bring these outside the academic worlds.

Wieke Betten and Karen Ingram, CoLab Futures, 2017